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Julia Benson-Slaughter

Noctua Designs, LLC, located in Marietta, GA, is the jewelry source for you if you cosplay, if you don’t want to wear the mass-produced items you see on everyone else, if you want quality handcrafted products at an affordable price. Many items are one of a kind! Others have subtle variations, such as different clasps on the same style of bracelet or different colors in a glass pendant. Already-created pieces are available online at or at local festivals and markets. I also welcome custom orders and am happy to work with people to create something unique for them.


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Artist Business Name: Noctua Designs LLC


  • Gallery 1 - Julia Benson-Slaughter
  • Gallery 2 - Julia Benson-Slaughter
  • Gallery 3 - Julia Benson-Slaughter
  • Gallery 4 - Julia Benson-Slaughter
  • Gallery 5 - Julia Benson-Slaughter
  • Helm Flower earrings

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